The Journey Begins

I am excited to officially launch my campaign for Seattle City Council Position 8 with my first press release.


Hisam Goueli
People for Hisam

Hisam Goueli Announces Candidacy for Seattle City Council Position 8
A Home For Everyone - Platform focuses on housing, health care

Seattle, Washington, February 15, 2017 - Hisam Goueli, a 39-year-old Arab American Muslim Gerontologist and Geriatric Psychiatrist, will run this year for Seattle City Council Position 8. He wants to provide each Seattle resident with a physical, medical and cultural home by expanding health care, housing and other important progressive services in our city.

Goueli is a practicing doctor at Northwest Hospital who specializes in older adults.  He has worked with underserved, uninsured and vulnerable patients since enrolling in medical school.  He is running for Seattle City Council Position 8 and advocates for a home for every Seattle resident.

Seattle’s rapid growth has brought lots of changes and residents grapple with its future.  Goueli envisions a Seattle that provides city-wide health care coverage, affordable housing for all income levels and artistic outlets for communities while maintaining Seattle’s essence now and into its future.

Goueli looks forward to representing the people of Seattle on City Council.  He will run a positive campaign focused on listening to Seattle residents.  He plans to separate himself from other talented candidates by spending time in people’s homes and commented, “there is no place like home. Everyone deserves a home.”

Goueli believes that homes are fundamental.  They shelter us from the elements, measure our progress and house our memories.  They tell the tales of health, success, laughter, love and friendship.  Homes are where we belong and feel safe.  They collectively build communities and define a city’s culture.  However, thousands of Seattle residents struggle with finding a home in Seattle. 

For more information, contact Hisam Goueli at his website