Democracy Vouchers

I received my first Democracy Vouchers today.  Although these magical pieces of blue and white paper don't feel like money, they are the key to using public funds for local elections.  It is hard to believe that these innocuous vouchers carry so much amazing power. 

Before I get too excited about Democracy Vouchers, there are several steps required to redeem them for real money from the Seattle Ethics and Election Commission.

  1. Register as a candidate.  Completed and cost about $300.
  2. Pledge to follow the rules and keep big business out of politics.  No problem, I agree.
  3. Complete the Democracy Voucher Qualifying Contribution Petition.  Oh no.  Wait.  What?!

Let me explain, the Democracy Voucher Qualifying Contribution Petition is a document that needs to be completed before receiving any public funds.  To jump through this hoop, the candidate must collect 400 signatures AND at least $10 and not exceeding $250 from individuals living in Seattle.  This means that you cannot redeem Democracy Vouchers until this step is completed.  These pieces of paper have no value until you have all of your signatures and donations.  They are the checks you cannot cash.  It is like rain on your wedding day.

I need to collect these signatures and donations.  I need people to help me collect these signatures and donations.  I am asking that 40 people commit to collecting 10 signatures and 10 donations from their family, friends, neighbors or acquaintances to get to the required 400.  I have made it as easy as possible

  1. Tell them to donate at least 10$ to
  2. Have them sign the OFFICIAL Qualifying Contribution Petition
  3. Collect Democracy Vouchers to be redeemed for public funds.
The OFFICIAL Qualifying Contribution Petition can be found at

The OFFICIAL Qualifying Contribution Petition can be found at


Please help me complete this very important step by March 31st.  I will not be competitive in this race without these Democracy Vouchers.  Seattle is my home and you are my family.  Please help me.  I will even come to your house to collect the signatures, donations and vouchers.  I am counting on you.