Then IT happened.

I love practicing medicine.  I love everything about it.  I love the deep personal connections with patients, the science of human physiology and pathology, the collaboration among health care disciplines and the respect for life and death.   I never anticipated that I would run for a political office.  Then IT happened. 

On November 8, 2016, my partner and I went to an election party at Fred Refuge in Capitol Hill.  We planned to celebrate a Democratic victory and watch America elect a woman to the highest political office in The United States of America.  We ate delicious food from a local Seattle company and toasted to progressive ideals.  We stood among our friends and shared our hopes for the upcoming 4 years.  Then IT happened.

Michigan turned red.  Wisconsin turned red.  Pennsylvania turned red.  Ohio turned red.  Florida turned red.  The country littered with red as the room's energy changed from excitement to disbelief.  The host stopped making jokes.  The bartender stopped pouring drinks.  The people stopped talking.  My partner and I stopped moving.  Then IT happened.

I stopped being motionless.  I expanded my knowledge regarding city, state and federal government.  I met with friends and joined new political groups.  I contacted my representatives to voice my concerns.  I stopped being a passive observer.  With the submission of the prerequisite paperwork to form People for Hisam, the creation of a bank account and the payment of application fees, I am proudly running for Seattle City Council Position 8.  This IS what happened.