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I am extremely proud to release this second video.  It showcases 18 beautiful languages each saying "Seattle is my Home."  It shows the amazing diversity of Seattle.


Hisam Goueli
People for Hisam


City Council Candidate Hisam Goueli Creates Video Series to Resist Hate in Trump’s America
“Seattle is My Home” Highlights Seattle’s Diversity Through 18 Languages

Seattle, Washington, March 7, 2017 -  With the recent shooting of a Sikh man in Kent, the death of Ben Keita in Lake Stevens and Trump’s revised travel ban, Goueli is showcasing Seattle as a progressive city that rejects hate toward immigrants and refugees.

In his second video in a series titled “Seattle is My Home,” Goueli documents the diversity of Seattle through the beautiful languages spoken in the city.  The videos feature mostly first and second generation Seattle residents speaking 18 languages including Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, American Sign Language and Lingala.  It is a reminder of how Seattle gladly welcomes immigrants and embodies the qualities of a sanctuary city.

“These videos are a counter movement to Trump’s presidency,” Goueli said.  “We will not tolerate his hate or incorporate his fear in our city.”

Goueli, a 39-year-old Arab American, is running for Seattle City Council Position 8.  He wants to provide each Seattle resident with a physical, medical and cultural home by expanding health care, housing and other important progressive services in our city.  Goueli produces “Seattle is My Home” monthly and asks Seattle residents interested in participating to email him at He will focus on love and relationships in his April video.

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